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Xinxiang Pan Chao Instruments Co., Ltd.

Xinxiang City Pan Chao Instrument Co., Ltd. is a collection of development, design, production, sales and after-sales service as one of the professional chemical glass instrumentation production company. Our company specialized in manufacturing quartz sight glass, quartz glass tube, quartz flange, high borosilicate glass mirror, high borosilicate glass tube, tempered sight glass, level gauge glass plate, stainless steel flange sight glass and so on.


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Maintenance of glass tube mirro
Maintenance of glass tube mirror 1. Glass tube mirror is used to observe the flow of liquid, gas, steam and other media reaction equipment, its window glass should be kept clean wit...
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Characteristics and structural shape of butt welding flange Butt welding flange is used to connect stainless steel valves. The butt welding flange is provided at both ends of the va...
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How to clean high temperature furnace glass? High temperature furnace glass is usually cleaned with dry ice. The dry ice particles ejected by the dry ice cleaner accelerate in the v...
How to distinguish the purity o
How to distinguish the purity of quartz tube? Quartz tube is an indispensable container in many experiments. It can make our experiments convenient and effective. It is an important...
Common types of quartz instrume
Common types of quartz instruments in laboratory 1. Test tube (1) It can be heated directly. When heating, the outer wall should be wiped dry, clamped with test tube or fixed on the...