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Xinxiang Pan Chao Instruments Co., Ltd.

Xinxiang City Pan Chao Instrument Co., Ltd. is a collection of development, design, production, sales and after-sales service as one of the professional chemical glass instrumentation production company. Our company specialized in manufacturing quartz sight glass, quartz glass tube, quartz flange, high borosilicate glass mirror, high borosilicate glass tube, tempered sight glass, level gauge glass plate, stainless steel flange sight glass and so on.


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Notes on the application of fir
Notes on the application of fireplace glass Fireplace glass is one of many types of glass. Its fire resistance and high temperature resistance are both excellent, so the use of fire...
Application field of high tempe
Application field of high temperature resistant glass High temperature resistant glass is widely used in industry, which has strong thermal stability. High temperature resistant gla...
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Metastability and application of high temperature resistant glass 1. High temperature resistant glass plate : the glass surface shall have excellent high temperature resistance and ...
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Common specifications of fireproof glass The function of fireproof glass is to control the spread of fire or to prevent smoke. It is a kind of measure fireproof material. Its firepr...
Advantages of float glass
Advantages of float glass Firstly, the float glass is in the tin bath, and the glass floats on the surface of the tin liquid. Therefore, this kind of glass is first of all flat, wit...