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Notes on the application of fireplace glass

Notes on the application of fireplace glass

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Notes on the application of fireplace glass
Fireplace glass is one of many types of glass. Its fire resistance and high temperature resistance are both excellent, so the use of fireplace glass is relatively wide.
1. Pay attention to the surrounding heat insulation treatment before installation. Before installing the fireplace glass, it is more necessary to pretreat and test the surrounding environment to ensure that the fireplace glass can play its corresponding value and function in this environment.
2. Pay attention to master professional installation knowledge and select more matching devices. According to the internal materials and the corresponding installation conditions, select the professional matching fireplace glass materials to play its stable performance.
Generally, the fireplace glass will be widely used in the heating system. In order to ensure the use of fireplace glass, we need to use a soft cloth to clean the fireplace glass when cleaning, which is to prevent scratches on the surface of the fireplace glass when cleaning.
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